Chef “Noopy” — Nopporn Areerak

Born in 1977 in Eastern Thailand in the Yasothon Province, near Laos and raised in a farmland village, Noopporn Areerak's first cooking teacher was his mother.

After mastering traditional, regional Thai cooking, Noopy moved onto being formally trained at the renowned Oriental Thai Cooking School of the internationally famous, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand.

Then, taking the bold step of traveling halfway around the world, Chef Noopy Areerak brought his culinary pedigree to Florida. Now Chef Noopy brings the magic of Thailand to West Palm Beach transporting your taste buds half a world away from the very first bite.

Chef “Tutu” — Suriya Sarjai

Suriya Sarjai was born and raised in a small town in Lopburi Province near Bangkok in the heart of Thailand. Suriya too learned the traditional recipes and cooking methods from her family. After her graduation from high school, she spent two years studying advanced culinary arts in Bangkok.

In 1993, Chef Sarjai moved to Los Angeles with her family and of course, began showcasing her culinary talents in a Thai restaurant. In 2000, Chef Tutu moved to South Florida; along with her family where she worked for eight years as a chef within a local Thai restaurant.

In 2011, Chefs Noopy and Tutu joined forces into what is now Malakor Thai Café`. Tutu makes it point to remember returning customer's favorites when they come back to Malakor for the authentic Thai dishes they savor.

Now, this duality of experience results in beautifully executed dishes that display not only their precision but their soul power as well!

Artist, Billy Manthy

Born in Pensacola, Florida with a severe hearing impairment, Billy graduated the Pensacola School of the Arts in 1982, attaining the highest academic achievements for his talents in artwork.

Billy spent his college years studying computer sciences; but this field proved itself just too small for his creative spirit. He embarked on a mission to learn to use his talents so as to become self-employed; and he did.

Working with dynamic, local, South Florida interior designers, Billy discovered a ready market for his substantial talent. He set up a studio in his West Palm Beach home and was soon commissioned to create backdrops and props for special events as well as murals and frescos for Palm Beach Island residents.

Over the next several years he became more involved with painting murals and crafting faux finishes in private homes, restaurants, and businesses. The Palm Beach Post featured him as an artist in residence for his unique, hand-crafted ceiling-fan blades, which he carved into leaves from a variety of tropical trees.

In 2006, Billy traveled to Thailand. This trip proved inspirational in that Billy and his partner, Noopy decided to pool their talents. The result is the magical world of Malakor Thai Café. Featuring an authentic Thai menu bursting with Noopy and Tutu’s uniquely traditional flavors of the various regions of Thailand and Billy’s artistic talent of themed murals. The combination creates a trip to Thailand with a vibrant, authentic atmosphere both inside and out.

Today, while Billy runs behind the scenes of Malakor Thai Café, the artist within still thrives. He continues to paint murals and faux finishes in private homes and occasionally within commercial properties.

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