"In 2011, their heart’s desire came to fruition when they opened their dream restaurant. They transformed the old Hurricane Bar & Grill located on 25th Street in Northwood Village into an affordable short trip to exquisite Thailand. An artist at heart as well as through and through, Billy paid homage to the prior artist whose work graced the walls of the Hurricane by preserving them. One mural, undisturbed was removed on the entire wall upon which it was painted for perpetual display in a local community building. Then on the bearing wall, which could not be relocated, he has kept the vintage murals of the Hurricane intact. When asked about it he simply stated, “I could not, as an artist myself, cover up the work of another artist. I just couldn’t do that.” They now stand in funky juxtaposition to the vibrant Thai-inspired décor from the murals painted by the new artist in residence, Billy Manthy.

Malakor means papaya, a Thai kitchen staple. Being true to the lessons first learned at home, many of the ingredients are chef grown. From the papayas for the spicy green papaya salad, to the Thai chilies that give it it’s heat, to the lemongrass of the Tom Kha Gai, and many more.

So come, come to Malakor, escape and come half away around the world without need of a Passport."

Malakor Thai Cafe